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Legion Symbols
From the "Articles of Faith"
Diamond Jubilee Convention

The Poppy
The Poppy is our emblem of supreme sacrifice and must forever hold an honoured place in our hearts; an image immortalizing, as it does, our remembrance and honouring those who laid down their lives for ideals which they, we, and all Canadians rightfully cherish.
It shall challenge us to serve in Peace, as in war, to those who need our help, and to protect those who need and deserve our protection.

Legion Badge
Legion Badge is symbolic of our loyalty to our Sovereign, our support to our Nation in our worthy citizenship and our remembrance for our fallen comrades and fellow Canadians of like principles.

The Cross of Sacrifice
Cross of Sacrifice on appropriate occasions, is symbolic of the same worthy principles of Remembrance.

The Flag
Canadian Flag being the Canadian flag, is representative of our Nation both at home and abroad. We will uphold it ourselves and forever teach respect for it by our successors, within and without the Legion. At the same time, we will remember our historical association with the Union Flag and the Red Ensign.

The Torch
The Torch shall remain symbolic of justice, honour, and freedom throughout our land. These were the principles for which our comrades fought and died. We of today and tomorrow covenant to hold it high lest we break faith with those who died. Justice, honour, and freedom are our charge for now and forever. We serve best by fostering these principles in our children, their children, and ourselves so long as the Royal Canadian Legion shall survive.

The Canadian Red Ensign
Canadian Red Ensign The Canadian Red Ensign (1922 - 1957 version) will now be included in all Legion Colour Party ceremonies.

As a symbolic gesture for Veterans, the Red Ensign will be carried second in order of precedence.

Memorium Eorum Retinebimus
(translated from Latin)
"We Will Remember Them"

Lest We Forget

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